Day[9] Daily #417 – LiquidTheLittleOne ZvT Craziness


Day[9] explores TheLittleOne's crazy style while pointing out that even a crazy game is 90% the same as every other game. Day[9] then introduces 3 rules to live by in crazy game: 

1) if an expansion is dying, treat it as dead
2) it's all about controlling expansions
3) wait as long as you possibly can to engage a scary army

Daily Links

Part 1 – Fast Queens, creep spread to help Roach/Ling

Part 2 – Taking expansions under pressure

Part 3 – Commitment to get more Roaches w/upgrades

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Q&A with Day[9]

-I am Terran, and I just had a 45 minute TvZ game about as crazy as this one. How does a Terran deal with this end game craziness? He was on 1 base to my 2, but he harassed my 2 bases until he had 4 expansions and just beat me.
-How could TLO have dealt with Sjow’s army if he had pushed to the natural again, instead of the 4th?
-What are your thoughts on +1 ranged attack for Zerg? Isn’t it worse than +1 melee given that both of Zerg’s end game Units benefit from it (Brood Lords through Broodlings)?