Day[9] Daily #419 – Newbie Tuesday: Fixing 1 Problem at a Time


Day[9] introduces the concept of adjusting your play one thing at a time to improve. He takes a look at five pro games and decides from each game one problem that should be fixed.

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Part 1 – Finding one moment and looking through it clearly

Part 2 – Insuring that the adjustment isn’t a mistake

Part 3 – Making a small adjustment for the next game; Q&A

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Q&a with day[9]

-Would you say the common theme to all of these issues is the lack, or delayed, scouting? It seems like doing such a simple thing could have completely changed the outcome of all these games.
-How do I keep track of all these adjustments?
-I’m in bronze league. Should I pick one build order and work with it every game until I master it to improve my skill level?
-Is it hard to find these adjustments on ladder when you have a different opponent?