Day[9] Daily #420 – Naniwa’s PvT Opening


Day[9] presents Naniwa's sentry-heavy style of play which involves opening with a 1-gate fast expand while only making sentries. He points out that this style is beneficial because it allows the Protoss to expand quickly while retaining the option to put pressure back on the opponent while teching.

Daily Links

Part 1 – The coolness of Naniwa’s opening

Part 2 – How the colossi come into play; Game 2 vs sCfOu

Part 3 – Mid game to the late game

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Q&A with Day[9]

-Is it better for Naniwa to try and defend his fourth base or simply sacrifice it and wait back to defend?
-Why do you think so many Protoss players put their tech in their main? I mean how many times have we seen the twilight get picked off by a drop right before legs or blink finishes or upgrades in the forge, why not just put at the natural?
-How would we deal with Banshees earlier on like a rush around 7 minutes or so? It didn’t look like Naniwa had an answer.
-Technique or theory? Is it more important to focus on things like multitasking (technique) or things like army position (theory)?