Day[9] Daily #424 – Newbie Thursday..?? Adjustments!


Day[9] focuses on just making one adjustment at a time to help improve your play.

Daily Links

Part 1 – You don’t need to adjust big; make small adjusts

Part 2 – WhiteRa’s 2 stargate Carrier-rush against Zerg

Part 3 – Little adjustment between games; Q&A

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Q&A with Day[9]

-You talked about potential small adjustments 'feeling right'. How would you go about analyzing any viable adjustments when nothing immediately jumps out as 'feeling right'?
-I’m a diamond Protoss player that LOVES to fast expand in PvT and PvZ and carry out a macro game, but I find myself stuck with problems in the midgame in that I lose my sense of direction as different things happen.
-I always fix my mistakes in StarCraft, However my problem is with adjusting when i should attack? How should I go about doing this?