Day[9] Daily #428 – MarineKingPrime’s TvZ Aggro Style!


Day[9] takes a look at MarineKingPrime's unique early aggression Marine style against Zerg.

Daily LInks

Part 1 – high level theory of aggression; old transition to modern styles

Part 2 – 2rax aggression into 4rax aggression; getting ahead on upgrades/economy

Part 3 – the unique situations of front aggression (timing attacks, late-game upgrades)

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Q&A with Day[9]

-You never say these amazing insights into games while casting at tournaments. Is it to avoid scaring off newbies, or does it take a lot of time for you to understand a game? If so, how long can it take you to understand a style?
-I play Zerg and lose a lot and don’t get much time to practice. How can I cheat more efficiently in order to sap wins from players who work hard for them?
-When do you think it’s time to switch tech as Terran?