Day[9] Daily #430 – LiquidZenio vs oSgSuperNova


Day[9] casts a game where LiquidZenio encounters an aggressive 2rax from SuperNova, but is able to gain an advantage by defending properly and following through with a baneling bust attack. Day[9] reveals the thought process behind the decisions and discusses ways to exploit workers.

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Part 1 – making sure all your bases are covered: what to worry and not worry about

Part 2 – Attacks that can win, but forces Terrans into a different situations into the mid-game

Part 3 – The late game; Q&A

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  Q&A with Day[9]

-As a Zerg player, how can I anticipate when to attack the “island” of Terran Units? It seems sometimes that the “island” is able to hold off a push.
-How would have supernova gotten out of his situation where he was CONSTANTLY on the defence?
-In that second game, he went Mutalisk instead of Infesetor. What determined that to be a better move at the time?
-How can you harass Terran when you do a style that does not involve Mutalisks?