Day[9] Daily #435 – Stephano vs Polt ZvT


Day[9] focuses on preparing for the late-game by explaining the importance of always focusing on the next part of the game. He reminds the viewer to continue asking how the NOW affects the next stage in the game.

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Q&A with Day[9]

-How should Terran deal with that late-game play?
-Why did Zerg opt to for Ultralisks instead of the usual Brood Lords at first, and then transition?
-How does Zerg defend a Terran Hellion run-by in the early game with a 6th Hellion with a wide-open natural like that?
-Whenever positioning my army I feel like need to choose between defending my tech or an expansion. Because if I position my army near fresh expo, my opponent goes for my tech and I’m forced into a base-race. How do I resolve this conflict?