Day[9] Daily #440 – MC vs Taeja


I was sick for this daily, but NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER! I'm still doing it! In this daily, we're going to do a spectator analysis of a game between two sick (badass) Koreans where we don't focus on one side specifically.

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Part 2

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Q&A with day[9]

Part 1 questions:

-How would MC have changed his plan, if he had seen Marauders in Taeja’s early forces
-Since you do not scout before Nexus, what if he rushes marines or evens proxies. What can you do to stop the cheese?
-Since MC is doing a defense play, would it be more beneficial for Taeja to be greedy?

Part 2 questions:

-Do you think either player thought about creating a hidden expansion?
-In TvP you mentioned prongs a lot, do you think there’s a possibility for a more evasive-defensive Terran, or does that give Protoss too much of an advantage?
-Are ghosts the only way to win against the Protoss? People say that EMP is an easy win against them.
-Would it be worth wild to get a Warp Prism to allow mobile warp-ins or is it just as effective to build pylons?