Day[9] Daily #442 – Newbie Tuesday: Zerg Builds Made Easy


Last week, we discussed the notion of simplifying general build orders! As expected, the masses of Zerg buddies leapt to concern! “What about our precious race,” they cried!

Have no fear, for today we’re going to talk about all things build order wise for Zerg. That pesky drone/larvae mechanic will be NOTHING to fear in the future! At first, we're going to take a look at a nice game between Nerchio v. Polt, then finishes it off with a build anlysis from a Violet v. MC game! By the end, you should have a comfortable idea of how to steal or create your own build!

Daily links

Part 1 – How to take build order groups and the collection of buildings.

Part 2 – Phases of Droning

Part 3  Wrap up; Q&A

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Q&A with Day[9]

-I’m currently a diamond Zerg and use no builds do you recommend learning builds that currently have simple timings and simple buildings?
-I often find myself in mid to late game with lots of minerals and a lot larvae, should I just spend my larvae on lings when I’m low on gas? That’s when I feel like I should save them-should I not?
-What happens if Protoss attacks you during the big phase of droning and you’re not ready for it?