Day[9] Daily #443 – LiquidSheth vs MStephano


In this Daily, I take a look at the ZvZ matchup and I show you guys how we can get past the crazy all-ins we see in the early game and get into some very interesting mid and late game transitions with things like: fast Infestors, faster 3rd bases, Mutalisk based play, Nydus Worms etc! All of it helps make the gameplay staggeringly awesome :D . Stephano vs Sheth is a great example of a modern, nutty ZvZ with an emphasis on late game and macro :D .

Daily links

Part 1 - How to stay alive in ZvZ

Part 2 - A look at the mid game

Part 3 - Mid game continued; Q&A

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Q&A with Day[9]

-Why didn’t Sheth continue to make Mutalisks? If he had made Mutalisks, couldn’t he have been more aggressive and then return to defend at a moment’s notice?
-If the goal is always to buy time for expansions and tech, with the Mutalisk-style, then how can we tell when it’s time to fully commit to an attack? Is it all based on what you seen what he has?
-Seeing as how Stephano was behind on gas and expansions throughout the game, what would be the best strategy for catching up?