Day[9] Daily #445 – LastShadow's TvP 6rax Opening


Day[9] explains LastShadow's TvP opening, which is based on a 6 Rax, early Marine push during the early stages of the game followed by a bio based midgame.

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Q&A with Day[9]

-How would you deal with a player who cannon rushes or proxy gates you when you’re using this early CC style?
-I realize that LS only goes for one Ebay after his first Marine push, is the armor upgrade not important or would going double Ebay be a bad idea?
-From the Protoss point of view, how would a Protoss defend this should he go 1 gate FE. Is there an early enough scouting option that will allow ‘Toss to see this and up the defense?
-If the Protoss player had storms at any point in that game, wouldn’t Terran have lost?