Day[9] Daily #452 – DeMusliM vs NesTea – Mech TvZ


In this daily, we're going to take a look at a famous match from the MLG Winter Arena between DeMusliM and NesTea and, more specifically, we're going to break down DeMusliM's mech TvZ style and show why it's so awesome!

In this extremely famous game, DeMusliM not only plays an unusual style, but performs a brilliant comeback when he seems on the verge of losing! Since mech is fairly unusual, we’re going to study DeMusliM’s play from start to finish w/ maximum fun-ness! :D

Daily links

Part 1 – What the other race is capable of will dictate we are doing

Part 2 – DeMusliM’s come back; max vs max with mech

Part 3 – the late game; Q&A

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Q&A with Day[9]

-What would have happened if early Roaches had been the choice instead of this early Ling pressure?
-Do Ultra make sense with their splash damage more so than Brood Lords?
-Can you explain why mech is better than bio?

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Game 1