Day[9] Daily #453 – LiquidSheth vs TSLPolt


Day[9] focuses on how a Zerg player can put pressure on a Terran opponent, both aggressively with Units and attacks, and economically with expansions.

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Q&A with Day[9]

-How can you be cost effective with dropping as Zerg when Marines just kill Zerglings with no problem? The only way it seems good is to over macro your opponent, which is quite hard versus Terran. It seems like a lot of APM is needed for this style.
-Would it be useful to mix Nydus Worms into this style of play in harder to reach areas, or should those types of areas be avoided from the get go?
-What’s the best way to try manage your Units and deal with drop harassment? Is it best in groups of Units without control groups or to have a control group that you can double-tap?
-Do you think Brood Lord/Infestor is an inferior strategy or are you trying to emphasize that other builds are good?