Day[9] Daily #461 – White-rA vs LiquidTLO!


In this daily, Day[9] lets his audience choose which games are looked at. By viewer choice, he investigates two crazy games from a friendly best of 7 showmatch between White-Ra and TheLittleOne.

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q&a with day[9]

-This is not how Stephano often deals with air, he often sacrifices a bunch of Roaches to pin the Protoss back in his base first. Why the change?
-Do you ever feel bad when you lose a Zealot because you know he is mainly an attacking meat-shield with laser spike
-How do you feel about the new patch notes?
-How do you hold off a Zealot-Archon mixture as Zerg?
-Is there a pro game in which the Phoenix upgrade has been utilized and it actually worked?