Day[9] Daily #465 – Low Econ TvT


In today's daily, we look at a very DENSE game between SeleCT vs aLive. We see a proxy, which makes the game very crazy where both players aren't exactly sure whether or not they have an edge or not. In these situations, we see that there are many cases where making important decisions are crucial in playing out the game right.

Daily Links

Part 1 -The opening build where SeleCT goes for proxy Marauders and we learn about "The Great Conjunction".

Part 2 - We explore the mid-game of this match, where both players are battling back and forth to try to get an edge.

Part 3 -Analysis of the final engagements and Q&A.

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Q&A with Day[9]

-What should I get my sister for her birthday?
-Would there have been any safe moment to expand without getting eaten by Banshees?
-After the initial harassment from the proxy Barrack, would it be use to then pull your proxy Barrack back to your main?
-Can you recommend a solid TvT approach for a beginner.
-Do you ever watch other people’s streams?