Day[9] Daily #470 – Bomber's TvP Revolution!


Day[9] evaluates Bomber’s macro-based strategy in the Terran versus Protoss matchup. Day[9] looks at Bomber’s old style, compares it to his new, economically optimized style, and identifies several potential problems that may arise with his new build.

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q&a with day[9]

-I, like many Terrans, cut corners in the early game against Protoss to make my Mid-game timing stronger. However, this can leave me vulnerable to early attacks and all-ins. What are some good scout timings or preparations to help me stay alive while still keeping a very strong Mid-game?
-As a Protoss player, do I just accept that Terrans doing this build will get their third based faster than I? It seems as though it’s impossible to hold this early third with a build like Bomber's.