Day[9] Daily #471 – Nydus/Raven in TvZ


Today, we look at a super crazy game between Bomber and Ostojiy form the Red Bull Battlegrounds: Austin. We see every Unit that Terran and Zerg have to offer, with the exception of the Hydralisk. It's 55 minutes of non-stop action, so it was literally screaming to be analyzed :D

Daily Links

Part 1 - Intro the the seemingly standard early game.

Part 2 - The real game unfolds as Raven production and Nydus Worms being painted everywhere!

Part 3 - We wrap up this crazy game with offensive Planetary Fortresses and Q&A.

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Q&A with Day[9]

-This game feels very specific to Metropolis, how can we implement Ostojiy’s style on smaller maps like DayBreak?
-If you go Ling/Infestor/Ultra like in this game, how do you deal with big huge doom drops by Terran?
-How does this type of style work against Protoss instead of Terran?