Day[9] Daily #472 – Stephano’s fast max ZvP


Day[9] demonstrates a complete ‘how-to’ in regards to Stephano’s 11 minute Roach/Ling max. He continues by looking at proper execution in the early game, common issues, and how one might successfully transition into Infestor or Brood Lord tech in late game.

Daily Links

Part 1 – What Stephano is doing (examining his build order)

Part 2 – Problems that arise with this build order (attack doesn’t work) and how to fix

Part 3 – Other deficiencies of Stephano’s style; Q&A

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Q&A With Day[9]

-If MC can’t kill Stephano before Stephano’s 3 base economy is up, then what hope do I, a mid level Diamond Protoss have against this strategy?

-If your attack is held of and left with loads of Roaches, would you still use them to pressure the front or just simply upgrade them and use them later?

-When I try to emulate the Stephano style and build order, many Protosses become privy the fact doing that very early Chronoed 2-4 Gate Zealot rush, what’s the best way to respond to that?