Day[9] Daily #473 – Nerchio vs BratOK - I'm back!


I've been gone for a long time, just taking some time off. But now I'm back, and we're going to get right down into it!

Ever since the update with the Queen buff, a lot of the match ups with Zergs have changed quite a bit, especially in the early game with the range five Queen!

In this daily, we take a look at the state of the TvZ match up through the lenses of a game between Nerchio and BratOK. Specifically, how the different updates (i.e. the range 5 Queen) have affected how Terrans and Zergs play the early game, how to position Units and control expansions in the Mid-game, and finally how the general strategy we worked with in the Mid-game can help beat our opponent in the late game!

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Q&A With day[9]

-What do you think about throwing in some ghosts in the Terrans mix of things
-What if the Zerg just attacked BratOk's base instead of trying to chase those Marines around?
-As a Terran player, if there are not multiple attack paths, what could I do? Is dropping an option instead of attacking in one path and attacking the other path as well?
-You mentioned that you should start dropping often when you start to see hive tech but what if they have a ton of Corruptors positioned properly for drops in preparation before they get their Brood Lords?

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