Day[9] Daily #474 – LiquidHerO vs mouzMaNa – Neat PvP


In today’s wonderful PvP matchup, we get the chance to examine some neato Phoenix vs Blink Stalker play and talk about them big problems in the Mid-game! More specifically, I like to talk about what to focus on AFTER both players get up a natural. Sometimes that can be hard :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I never seem to see more than two bases taken in PvP. Is it beneficial to even bother taking a third in a PvP game?
-Won’t it be more beneficial to go for Phoenix late game because their good against the Colossi?
-I tend to do one base all ins versus Protoss and I’m successful. Would it be worth doing more macro games and get ready for Master or Diamon