Day[9] Daily #475 – Warp Prism PvT style!


In this daily, we're going look at something I talk about all the time: finding problems and asking questions!

So, in this daily, we're going to be examining some questions Protoss buddies have in PvT, more specifically:

    1. How do we defend against Terran's Mid-game push?

    2. How do we get up all our Mid-game tech safely?

In order to answer this, we're going to look at this amazingly simple and super easy build that does some amazing Warp Prism counter attacks just as the Terran player moves out! And the super mega badass that's going to show off this epic baller build is going to be none other than the epic hat man SaSe!

Oh yeah, and happy 4th of July! Go blow shit up! :D

Daily links

Part 1 - An example game of the Protoss build that crushes faces!

Part 2 - A slight variation on the same build that involves Dark Templar!

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q&a with day[9]

-What if Terran left some Units at home and attacked at the same time effectively stopping the Protoss attack. What should Protoss do?
-What do I do as Terran to combat this?
-What if Taeja did a 2 Rax early pressure like how select does it how would we fend off?
-What should a Protoss do against a turtling Terran using this strategy?

Replay Links

Game 1

Game 2