Day[9] Daily #520 - ROOToD vs EmpireBratOK


In an absolutely psychotic back and forth death struggle, we get to see the meaning of great transitioning by both players.  BratOK does an unusual marine+tank push in TvP and follows it up w/ standard play.  ToD does his best to defend at the start, but still struggles to defend expansions and apply pressure at the same time.  Some sexy DT drop usage puts ToD back into the game, but CAN HE HOLD IT?

Yes, this description is much more hype-y than my normal ones, but you sure have a better idea of what's going on!  We'll examine WHAT the opening builds are and where their issues lie, and then we'll consider how to do aggressive tactics while still staying alive :D.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Do you think he was just getting marines because he was losing his addons?
  • Why are marines conducive to super-emergency mode, whereas marauders are conducive to medium-emergency mode, and not say vic-versa?
  • How different would have the opening from BratOK been if he had put the bunkers on the low ground in that attack?