Day[9] Daily #527 - Phoenix vs Phoenix - Grubby v MC


Today we see the logic behind the outrageously confusing game 5 between MC and Grubby where each player built an army of 30 phoenixes!  It seems completely ridiculously counter-intuitive, but phoenix vs phoenix logic can be tough to navigate in PvP :].  We'll explore all the entailments of opening in this fashion!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • If players have an excess minerals why not scout unit compositions with unit harassment
  • If MC had switched to some large meta-gateway push could Grubby be able to hold that
  • What if Grubby went for archons faster by turtling a little more on 2 bases and building more gateways in your main. Couldn't you maybe defend a third in order to have fewer phoenix and a bigger zealot/archon mix?