Day[9] Daily #528 - 83 min TvZ - ThorZaiN vs TargA


SO!  How does one transition at the 20 minute mark?  The 40 minute mark?  The 60 minute mark?  AND BEYOND?  Well, in this game we're going to see MOST of the units get made at some point.  A meching terran vs a hive tech zerg on Cloud Kingdom!  We'll see things such as: when to change plans, how to position your army to defend when you have 6 bases, and upgrading things we're not building yet to prepare the transition!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Do you think that after that mech army got destroyed the first time do you think the zerg would have killed thorzain because he had about 1/2 of his army left and about 21 more roaches on the way?
  • Why didn't Thorzain just land all is vikings if he could yamato all the broodlords and charge all in?
  • Do you think that going queen, infestor and hydralisk is the best against air directly?
  • You said that after you crushed the army as zerg before the hive, why not make make ling roach instead of muta roach? you said that lings are good against small numbers of thors and hellions. 'lings are faster and cheaper in gas, which gives you a stronger composition and allows you to have more mid game options