Day[9] Daily #531 - SKT1.Rain's PvZ - warp prism + speedlot!


Continuing the theme of showing people how to DESTROY ZERG this week, we'll be looking at STK1_Rain and his lovely PvZ style.  In it, we see how he deflects mid-game pressure, and then kicks into high gear LONG before brood lords and infestors come into major strength! :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • In the game against IdrA, you said that if we go for immortals we need to get sentries, but in the past month or so (not to be meta) you have repeatedly held zealots out as "replacement forcefields." If zealots can fill the role of forcefields (to some extent), then wouldn't it be better to go for zealots instead of sentries? It seems that if we go for zealots instead it will allow us to get the rest of our tech up faster, and zealots should be able to deal with zergling surrounds just as well, so long as the army is kept in a ball (which requires only anti-micro).
  • What are some reasons that you would make archons out of the less gas-heavy DT instead of the mineral-poor High Templar?
  • How should a zerg player respond to harassment like this with a slower infestor broodlord army?
  • You said before zealots are better than sentries in small numbers in the immortal sentry all in daily.