Day[9] Daily #532 - Grubby HotS games!


The recent patch changes are so psycho crazy that I'm not sure WHAT we're going to find, but at the very least we're going to be studying the new units from the protoss point of view to see what's up :]

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • In the second game grubby researched +1 Ground attack instead of shield-upgrades. When you go mass air, isn't shield the better upgrade?
  • In PvT do you think that building templar with oracle (storm + timewarp) will make a great transition rather than robo tech?
  • Would you agree with the my belief that the Oracle acts a lot like a combination between the mutalisk and the infestor?
  • How do you feel the need for sentries in the mid and late game will be impacted by time-warp of the oracle. The slow down effect seems to work similarly?