Day[9] Daily #535 - Stephano Roach/Hydra ZvT


Say WHAT?  Roach Hydra in ZvT?  It sounds completely bonkernuts, and yet Stephano has taken down some of the top Terran players in the world doing this!  We're going to take a look at WHAT the strategy is and WHY it works: how we open, how to deal with bio AND mech, and when to attack and defend :].

Happy new year!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • How do you deal with Roach/Hydra?
  • Doesn't the idea of "snapping back" conflict somewhat with the "Artosis Principle" of getting more ahead when one is ahead? If so, why does this policy work? Is there a metagame reason for that?
  • I recently got back to SC2 and have forgotten most of things, but how would you approach trying to get to actually understanding the game, rather than just getting points on ladder?