Day[9] Daily #536 - Defending well with Standard TvP - GanZi vs SaSe


When people hear "Standard," they often think of doing the exact same thing every single game, playing a "well tested" build order over and over until they can execute it perfectly. However, that's a bit of a misnomer. In fact, there's a huge opportunity for reading your opponent and making clever adjustments (though they might be hard to see sometimes!)

In today's TvP, we'll be looking at 3 games between GanZi and SaSe. In these games, we'll see GanZi perform a fairly standard opening but be up against three VERY different strategies: a 7 gate all-in, a fast 3 nexus mass upgrade style, and a quick colossus push. Though GanZi opens with the same "Standard play," we're going to see how he shifts his play around to account for all the craziness that's thrown at him!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What do you think about landing the scouting factory during that attack and rallying hellions into his mineral line?
  • What is the top 3 things i need to get better as a bronze league Terran??
  • When would you say it is appropriate to get scouting information using scans, and when is it appropriate to send an SCV?