Day[9] Daily #538 - White-rA PvT HotS Special!


White-Ra has been extremely active on the HotS ladder, experimenting with huge varieties of new strategies with the new units! We're going to be examining and analyzing his builds in the form of "What are these new units accomplishing? What am I spending my remaining resources on? What can the OPPONENT be doing?"

In today's PvT episode, we have a bit more to consider given that reapers and widow mines are big early problems.  However, per usual, we have White-Ra to guide us to victory :}.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Do you think that the creation of much stronger units/mechanics (widow mines, oracles, medivac healings, etc). make comebacks more feasible in HotS than they were in WoL?
  • We all know that the way to exploit mech is to expand all over the place and exploit that immobility. How does this new resurgence of the skytoss affect the Protoss' ability to do this?
  • All Types of 8 MIn pushes by Terran strongly buffed now due to the medvac upgrade? all kind of 2 base all ins in TVP seem kinda unbalanced.


Can be found at White-Ra's website!