Day[9] Daily #543 - ROOTCatZ ZvZ HotS Special!


This week, for 3 dailies in a row, we'll be focusing on the three Zerg matchups in Heart of the Swarm!  To study this, we'll be snagging games from the wonderful ROOTCatZ!  We're going to be examining and analyzing his builds in the form of "What are these new units accomplishing? What am I spending my remaining resources on? What can the OPPONENT be doing?"

The unique strategy we'll be looking at today is the fast Queen + Swarm Host + Nydus push that CatZ has been working on!  It winds up being surprisingly effective and incredibly fun to do :}.

Follow ROOTCatZ or his team ROOT-Gaming on twitter and feel free to visit their website and YouTube !

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Catz had a couple games tonight where things got icky, but he kept tweaking his build to make it work. How or when should a player know if their build is simply impossible to execute reliably, and make decide to make a critical change to it?
  • Do you like builds such as this where the nydus is such a central piece? I personally feel uncomfortable with builds so delicate, because if the nydus is picked off easily the first time, that would hugely affect the strat wouldn't it? What's your opinion?
  • What would you feel would enhance Catz' push? And when would one want to initially pull back from this aggressive push? Would any tech patterns want to Direct you into a different tech direction?