Day[9] Daily #548 - BeastyQT vs Xigua


In today's daily, we get the chance to see widow mines employed at a very sophisticated level: BeastyQT incorporates mines into a traditional marine/marauder/medivac force to stay mobile and block retreat paths.  We'll examine the specific build orders that BeastyQT utilizes, accounting for the new HotS threats Zerg can hurl at us while also talking about the new openings that mines create for us!  Specifically, we'll be able to maintain much more aggression and expanding as long as our positioning and vision is good!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • When Terran gains map control and clumps up his widow mines can't the zerg move out and send a zergling down each path to find where the widow mines are and just push according to the path the zerglings clear out. If they're clumped up can't the zerg just bait out a bunch of mines with a few zerglings?
  • How do you think the widow mine will affect TvP, if at all? How will widow mines be used against the Protoss? Protoss units have generally higher health units.
  • Any opinions on some sort of widow mine worker harass?