Day[9] Daily #563 - Grubby vs cKiLLeR


In this game, we see a back and forth ZvP on StarStation between the ground force of Grubby and Muta/ling force of KiLLeR.  We'll see not only some of the considerations for HotS modern ZvP openings, but also what to do when nobody is mining anymore!!!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Do you think grubby's hidden expo is the only thing that saved him? if killer had just scouted it do you think he would have won?
  • When going banelings against stalkers, aren't there concerns of being kited by blink? Especially if we've gone muta it seems like an expected tech path.
  • Besides missing the scout on the hidden expo, are there any other mistakes Killer made which he could've avoided(That possibly could have given him the win)?
  • as there an opportunity during that game where grubby could have safely gotten a 3rd aside from the hidden one?