Day[9] Daily #565 - LiquidSnute ZvT vs Mine Openings


Having trouble versus biomine?  Reaper hellion?  No problem!  We'll be taking some of LiquidSnute's replays to see how Zerg is battling the new nuisances in HotS!

The primary goal of today's daily1. Identify weaknesses in mine-based openings and how to exploit them, both with aggression and expanding2. Ensure that we still have ample responses to more traditional Terran play

To access these replays, simply download them Teamliquid's Reppack of the Week

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Since zerg can easily identify if terran is going bio/mine and react in plenty of time, do you think that it will not become viable?
  • I don't see what the difference between roaches and hydralisks are in this type of play, why are roaches a more solid choice against widow mine?
  • When should a zerg player build spore crawlers if they think they might experience any sort of early pressure from a quick banshee?
  • What about widow mine drops in the main base?