Day[9] Daily #567 - LiquidSnute&Ret ZvZ


Ok well FINE, we've done his ZvT and ZvP, so we may as well do his ZvZ!  As an added bonus, LiquidRet has provided some fantastic replays for this evening as well!  Goals for the show:

1. Explore the huge influence of mutalisk based openings in the modern ZvZ matchup and how it affects openings 2. How to deal with the mutalisk based midgame 3. How to transition OUT of mutalisking (or how do transition AGAINST it!)


Per usual, replays can be found here at Teamliquid's Reppack of the Week

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Is there any alternative to just massing mutas in zvz?
  • Would getting couple of banelings with the lings be a beneficial move?
  • Is it even possible to use this strategy if you are a bit lower level and don't have that much APM?
  • How do you keep the vision,upgrades and counter attacks in check?
  • Do you recommend generally focusing your eyes on the minimap and relying on periphery if possible or to limit the time with eyes away from the bottom left?