Day[9] Daily #569 - PandaTank vs Nightend


We'll be looking at two neato PvP games between these strong foreign players!

  1. Game one is a very unusual twist on the modern 4gate - long term play + no colossus!  It might sound weird, but we see how Nightend strategically dominates as a result :].
  2. Game two is a long game extending to colossus and archon tech.  In this seeming "stalemate / draw" type position, we see how each player is able to pull massive edges using fantastic tactical positioning!  Ever struggled when you fall behind in colossus?  This game is for you!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What if instead of void rays, PandaTank had gone for Tempests
  • Would a fast forge expand work well against this particular 4 gate strategy (with mama core)
  • You say that the composition Panda should have been looking for was Archon/Zealot/Void Ray (No Collusi) - What is your thoughts about Psi Storm or should it only be used against mass Void Ray?