Day[9] Daily #570 - Winning Late Game ZvP


Many Zergs are struggling with ultra late game ZvP.  Protoss armies seem unstoppable with voidrays, archons, tempests, storm, colossi, and more.  However, in ROOTCatZ's own words, late game ZvP greatly favors Zerg so long as the Zerg poises himself properly :].  In this daily we'll learn:

1. What tech paths to choose in midgame so that you're properly set up for late game.

2. How to defend against a variety of standard attacks with those tech paths.

3. How to crush the Protoss late game with viper swarm host :].


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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Would a few corruptors mixed into this composition make it more effective against heavy tempest/colossus in the late game
  • Who is your favorite Supernatural character?
  • [FXO]TheoRy: What do you think the biggest problem of my composition is in the very late game versus Catz's army - any significant additions I could make?
  • Would this work on big maps?
  • I noticed immortal/sentries are very common ZvP, anything zergs should hold off this kind of death push if he is going for this late game setup. How would zerg have to deviate for the ultimate late game plan?