Day[9] Daily #571 - MMA vs Sage


Today we look at two fantastic games between MMA and Sage from the Teamstory cup!  In today's daily, we will do the following

  1. See how Sage's opening structure allows him to defend against the psycho aggression that MMA throws out early
  2. Explore how Sage transitions back into a stable, standard structure in the mid-game: colossus, upgrades, and 3rd base.
  3. Identify why Sage is transitioning his composition in the late game (why zealot/archon vs stalker/colossus)
  4. See why Sage attacks at certain times and defends in others!


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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What do you think about throwing in some more widow mines into this play?
  • Is there any way for Protoss to be aggressive before the 10 minute mark?
  • I see a lot of high tier players kill off that small rock pile at the bottom of the small ramp.  I have no idea the thought process is behind it.
  • At the end of that game where Sage was 4 based and MMA 2 based, what went wrong for MMA and how would you rectify it?