Day[9] Daily #573 - LiquidTaeja TvZ - Playing Stable under pressure


I'm sure you've heard me say MANY a time how important it is to have a key underlying skeleton structure to your gameplay!  But, it might seem difficult if you're under massive pressure: baneling busts, roach attacks, ling runbys at odd times etc!  In today's games, TaeJa flexibly defends a variety of attacks with seemingly odd answers, but we'll reveal how none of these choices deviates too far from his underlying plan.  The core concepts:

  1. We'll state TaeJa's composition goal at the outset of the game
  2. We'll note how Terran strategies fundamentally depend upon what BUILDINGS you are making, rather than the units.
  3. We'll see how TaeJa defends against attacks without deviating from his goal in #1
  4. We'll admire Taeja's late game maneuvering :].

Q&A With Day[9]

  • It feels like i can never build enough spines or spores to defend drops, which should i emphasize to help deal with terran better?
  • What are the main differences between executing a marine tank and bio mine pushing?
  • Do you think mines would have been a good idea in that game to help with the zerg counter attacks?
  • Should drops consist of all marines? if not what should be in that medivac?
  • Shy do some people mix in marauders with the marines? Is it because of banelings?

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