Day[9] Daily #575 - Terran Hellbat/Mech vs Protoss


Mech is generally considered to be a "too slow" alternative to standard bio + medivac play.  However, in the recent EU WCS qualifiers, we saw a surge of a hellbat centered TvP style.  With aggressive pushing, drops a plenty, and tons o' hellbats, I'm excited to explore why it works so well!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • I have been using mech myself against protoss and have found great success with de emphasizing tanks (except a few for defense) and focusing on thors and hell bats instead. I also add on ghosts to emp the shields of the immortals, and medivacs for drops. What do you think of this style of mech? I find it to be a bit more mobile and versatile while still being very strong.
  • Immortals counters every unit mech can make -whats the answer?
  • Would you suggest a more immortal/colossus oriented play to combat this or stargate? At what point can I tell that he can't be doing anything else?
  • What happens if instead of going robo if he goes stargate?