Day[9] Daily #577 - Feast's clever PvZ build


Though this game is fairly short, it showcases a very difficult to defend, but brilliant build from Feast.  We'll go through this game more than once to fully admire the cleverness that is Feast's opening!  In particular

  1. What is the goal of Feast's build? (ultra fast 3rd base w/ colossus and almost no gateway units)
  2. How would Feast's build exploit a typical zerg play? (Such as a zerg that goes fast 3base w/ no gas)
  3. How does Feast's build respond upon seeing Bly's play?
  4. What are all the cool defensive techniques Feast sets up that we don't see used!?

I lurved dis game :>.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Could Feast have made further use of that Stargate beyond the void ray and last phoenix, and if so, what? You've said before that a structure that's not doing anything should probably have been cut.
  • How can we tell as a protoss that a build as unit-less as this is safe to do? was it the 2 base or something else?
  • What would have been better way for the Zerg player to deal with the possible air threat without sacrificing the ability to punish a greedy Protoss?