Day[9] Daily #578 - LiquidHero epic wtf PvT style


Ok so wtf.  We're going to look at LiquidHero be an utter psychopath with crazy attack timings, transitions, and other assorted glory in the PvT matchup.  Despite the insanity, we'll do our best to analyze why it's awesome!

  1. We'll discuss the broad concept of "forcing" at the start of the daily because it's essential to understanding HerO's play!
  2. We'll ch-ch-check out some nifty early attack timings that HerO uses to assault the enemy!
  3. We'll reveal all the clever things HerO is doing back home in the midst of the attack to respond properly to his enemy!
  4. Last, we'll see HerO win in seemingly unwinnable situations
  5. Oh and I guess we'll wanna be LiquidHero too


For the replays, please visit's Replay Pack of the Week!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • I am a diamond league protoss who has great micro and macro but is terrible at doing both during a fight. If you are in a fight and you have the stonger army would you choose to macro up or continue to micro your units and focus on his army?
  • What was the Terran's biggest mistake, and what could he have done to turn that into a victory?
  • As terran, how should/can you read the protoss build coming out of the two stalker mothership core opener?
  • How do you really beat a protoss in the late game with terran?