Day[9] Daily #581 - YuGiOh ZvT anti-mine plays!


Today's daily is gonna be WEIRDLY STRUCTURED! :D  In short, we're going to be looking at how to deal with and stop biomine based play!  Here's the order of events:

  1. We begin chattin about the early game: how we set ourselves up for success with nice defense!
  2. We'll look at some different openings that Terran can do and how we'd adjust to it!
  3. We'll then step into the mid-games of some of these games to examine how to effectively engage!
  4. We may cry here and there as we see our poor zergy buddies lose many of their lives, but for the greater good
  5. We'll see how the late-game hive tech is utilized to maximum efficiency
  6. We'll even look at how different zerg openings can still flow into the same general mid-game idea!

The big basic idea: if he's going bio-mine, he doesn't have tanks!  So, our ling-baneling is much stronger!  Also, we can tech to hive much more easily!

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