Day[9] Daily #583 - DeMusliM Fast +1 Attack TvP strategy


In today's daily, we're going to see a nice, clean little opening that many Terrans are trying on versus Protoss: a very fast +1 attack upgrade that allows for some swift timing pushes!  In this daily we will see

  1. What the opening is any why it works
  2. How we can use our unit combination / our upgrades to do some nice tactics!
  3. Follow ups to try on and what to avoid
  4. A second, longer game where DeMusliM has to adapt to his opponent


Big thanks to EG DeMusliM RC for providing these replays.  Please check him out at

Daily Links

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What kind of donut is your favorite
  • How would this build fare against early Stargate pressure such as Oracle Harass or a Void Ray bust
  • What is the biggest threat to terran in this build?
  • I feel like a lot of games in HotS are mostly the two players sitting in their bases and waiting for the appropriate deathball force to battle the opponents deathball force. Do you think things like this and Hero's style of play will start to move player's toward constant aggression?
  • As a gold level player, I am having problems holding off a 4gate with this build, what would be the best way to handle that situation?