Day[9] Daily #585 - Naniwa PvZ 2 base plays


Today's topic is simple: Naniwa hit the finals of DreamHack Stockholm with some amazing 2base plays, some allins, some not.  We're going to analyze some short games so that we can steal all his gosuness :].

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Nani really exploits an impeccable timing with zealot/immortal against both 2 base and 3 base zerg play. In your opinion what could an early zerg do to hold off that aggression?
  • Is the 15 minute ultra hit a fair timing to remember?
  • Naniwa does the zealot/immortal all in mostly on the oPlanetS doing 4 gate on some other maps. What other maps on the current ladder could this work on?