Day[9] Daily #586 - GuMiho TvP Marine Tank builds!


Normally we see either mech OR bio in TvP.  But, in today's daily, we'll explore GuMiho's unusual reliance on tanks AND marines in the TvP matchup!  Specifically

  1. How does GuMiho open to flow easily into marine/tank
  2. What are some key plays and timings that we can use to kill/hurt the enemy
  3. What are some unusual judgment calls we may have to make given the slightly unusual position!

Games taken from the DreamHack Stockholm 2013 replay pack!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What would be the best counter for protoss? Phoenixes?
  • Why wasn't this tank play used more popular in WOL? Is it because of the widow mine being able to defend early attacks?
  • Do you think 2-2 upgrades on marines would be just as good as integrating marauders?
  • Me an my brother are training to become pros where should me and him start how do we find tournaments or start off?

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