Day[9] Daily #587 - DeMusliM vs QXC TvT - MultiGame Analysis


Today we're going to do some swift analysis of of a series of QXC vs DeMusliM games I happen to have in mah back pocket!   QXC has been using a variety of crazy builds, and DeMusliM has the tendency to play stable, straight up games.  So, it'll be unorthodox vs defense in these games!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • If, like Demuslim, you realize that your 3rd and 4th gases are significantly late and that it'll stifle both your tank production and upgrades, do you proceed with the original game plan or do you alter it significantly?
  • What would you consider the most important aspects of the game to improve for a Bronze/Silver league player in order to proceed up the ladder?
  • Most pro Terrans, at least foreigners, say that raven and battlecruisers is end all ultimate late game for TvT or TvZ. Why don't Terran builds adhere more to that direction in the mid game?