Day[9] Daily #590 - TLO ZvT vs Mech - WCS ro16


In today's daily, we look at TLO's stunning performance against Strelok's mech style TvZ.  We'll learn how to

  1. Stay alive against the usual mix of early threats
  2. Transition out of our typical "vs bio" play to begin our "vs mech" play
  3. Some sexy moves to crush the potent but immobile mech army


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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What sushi do you like the best?
  • While watching these games, it seemed that TLO knew that Strelok was going mech
  • How do you feel about adding some vipers to complement the swarmhosts
  • If you scout a roach warren, why would you build tanks? Wouldn't a bigger thor count have helped?
  • In a cramped map how would one get the advanced with swarm hosts mobility on the flanks?
  • If we saw hellions would it have been a much different game?