Day[9] Daily #591 - DIMAGA vs MVP Analysis - WCS Ro32


So DIMAGA 2-0'd MVP in a shocking upset at WCS EU in the Ro32.  Today we watch these excellent games start to finish.  We'll focus on

  1. The big edges DIMAGA is able to provide for himself early
  2. The tough decisions DIMAGA faced in the mid-game and how he wiggled his way out
  3. Late game tech switching and positioning versus a terran army!

We will NOT be doing too much analysis of usual timings / standard moves just due to the fact that I want to get through 2 games!  This will effectively be a DIMAGA appreciation daily :D.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Don't you think that dimaga's control could of been way better in the first engagements?
  • What could have MVP done to come back in that game, or prevent that bust/damage from the bust in the beginning?
  • Is this the only way to play vs bio mine or are there other, just as good ways?
  • If there were a decent Star Wars/Star Trek RTS, would you play it?