Day[9] Daily #593 - Hero vs Ryung WCS America


We'll be looking at the WCS Ro4 matches between LiquidHero and AxRyung!  We've been seeing a rise of HELLBAT BASED COMPOSITIONS LATELY (lulz innovation), so we're going to take a cursory look at it today.  We'll talk about

  1. The underlying motivation for hellbat based play
  2. The basic ways that players are incorporating hellbats
  3. Some general Protoss techniques to combat the composition
  4. Some general Protoss techniques that SUCK

Learning will occur!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Do you think that a Stargate opening into Robotics is a proper deterrent for the hellbats? I think that having a few oracles and phoenix can let protoss get fewer gateway units and pump them immortal/colossus, your thoughts?
  • Would zealots/archons work well against this kind of hellbat build, as long as the archons hit the hellbats first?
  • How many immortals would be ideal in the composition against Hellbat/Marine/Marauder/Medivac?
  • In those early games, could the vikings have been used more effectively in the decisive battles, or do they not have an effective role with those comps?
  • I recently versed this style of terran on ladder in masters league (He said he learnt it from ForGG) and I got crushed so bad. If it gets to 3/4 base and the terran maxes out on heavy heavy Marauder/Hellbat/Viking/Medivac can the protoss win? Because I got trashed so bad in a straight up engagement. They can add ghosts in as well.
  • How do you feel about early banshee pressure and hellbat drops to keep the protoss pinned in his base? I feel Raven based play and the Transforming upgrade for the hellions/hellbats would be beneficial.