Day[9] Daily #594 - LucifroN vs ForGG - WCS Ro8


The core concept of today's daily is ADJUSTMENT!  We don't wanna change our play completely, we simply want to adjust it!  To examine this, we watch every single game in the LucifroN vs ForGG from WCS EU Ro8.  Although the hellbat is prevalent in TvT, we're not simply going to show a whole bunch of hellbat drops.  Instead, we're going to

  1. Show the basic TvT hellbat based opening and discuss how it shapes the early game
  2. Demonstrate weaknesses in the opening
  3. Reveal how both ForGG and LucifroN adjust to stay from game to game!

Should be fun :].

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Is bio versus mech is ok?
  • Can factories effectively be used to build offensive hellions and defensive mines to defend drops?
  • How would you apply adjustments to protoss/zerg seeing that this is a TvT series?